Laser Bacterial Reduction

Patient Introduction to Laser Bacterial Reduction

At Gentle Family Dentistry, it is our primary objective to provide our patients with the most superior level of dental care because we believe you deserve the best. This is why all of our hygienists are Advanced Laser Certified from the World Clinical Laser Institute and offer Laser Bacterial Reduction with all hygiene appointments.

At any given time, our mouths are occupied by 10 to 50 million bacteria. This  bacterium is both positive and negative. However, the negative bacteria that thrive in our oral cavity are very destructive and are capable of tainting our blood stream, resulting in undesirable cross-contamination between our mouth and the rest of our body.

With Laser Bacterial Reduction, the gum tissue around the tooth, where most negative bacteria are found, is infused with light and oxygen creating an environment where positive bacteria thrive and negative bacteria cannot survive. This infusion lasts 4-6 weeks which results in rejuvenated gum tissue and a healthier mouth and body.

We strongly advise you to take advantage of this painless, simple treatment if:

  • You are overdue for a routine cleaning
  • You have noticed bleeding and inflammation in the gums while brushing and flossing
  • You suffer from heart trouble
  • You have received replacement joint therapy
  • You have diabetes or immunocompromised diseases 
  • You have Periodontal Disease

The fee for this procedure is $35 and is NOT covered by insurance. Unfortunately, insurance coverage is almost always behind the leading edge in high tech health care. Please ask your hygienist if you have any questions regarding this treatment. Please contact our office with any concerns that you may have.

Jessica L. Salmon, RDH (bottom left) 

Barbara J. Stough, RDH (top left)

Sandra Baker-Gray, RDH (top right)

Emily Dennes, RDH-BS (bottom right)


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